Not at all jewelry-related, but very much a large part of my heart right here. ❤️ #mybestboy


Third & Co. Studio of Grand Rapids, Michigan with their hard working dog model, scouting a location for a photoshoot


Did you know that part of our business name is a nod to this guy, pictured here? The "& Co." in Third & Co. is Hurley, and our cat, and whatever other foster animal we have at the time. We are huge animal advocates here, and as such, we feel compelled to help out the animal community where we can. Which for us, means opening our home to animals in need. Additionally (because the need in rescue is ever-present) we donate a portion of proceeds from each sale we make - wholesale and retail - to organizations involved in the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of pets in need not only in our community, but nationwide.

So if you make a purchase with Third & Co. Studio, you not only are purchasing a piece of jewelry that is handmade and environmentally conscious, but also helping the homeless animal community! Now THAT'S something to feel good about.

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