It’s been far too long since our last pic of Hurley the #dogmodel wearing one of our OOAK statement necklaces, so... happy Friday and you’re welcome 😍🤗


Third & Co. Studio dog model, dog wearing a semiprecious stone one of a kind statement necklace, turquoise and quartz OOAK necklace

The necklace featured is an adjustable statement piece using turquoise, crystal quartz, fire turquoise, smokey quartz and a chunky textured gunmetal chain. This is a one of a kind design, and our most distinguished model was the only one that could do the job for this one. Hurley is our beloved dog, who was a rescue from our local county shelter when we first got married and is the very best thing to ever happen to us. He has brought such love, devotion, fun and adventure into our lives. He is a treasured member of the family, and a very large part of the "& Co." in our studio!


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