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Well, hi!

I’m here again... I didn’t have the intention of taking a step back from social media for as long as I did, but after a week went by and I hadn’t come up with a lovely photo and caption to match, I didn’t really feel like I was missing out on anything. So one week became two, then four, and six... and now it’s February... 
While I was busy not posting, I took some time to reflect on what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Somewhere between a game plan and bit of an existential crisis.

The truth is, even though I’m in the business of selling things, I truly hate the selling-aspect of running a business. I just feel icky pushing product on people all the time. But in order to have a business at all, you’ve actually got to sell stuff. Certainly a conundrum as a business owner... I know I am my own best “hype-man”, but I feel terribly uncomfortable putting myself out there.

SO... all this to say is that I’m figuring this out as I go! I want to find a balance in sharing what I’m working on, without it feeling sales-y. I’m not in the business of mindless consumption & buying of things; I truly want to provide a treasured piece of jewelry to someone that can appreciate the beautiful materials this earth gives us to work with, while still encouraging mindful purchasing. Perhaps not the most profitable business model, but rather it’s what feels most genuine to me. That said, what do you like to see here? In-progress pieces, behind the scenes stuff, more personal life behind the biz (just an FYI- this one really freaks me out) or just more knowledge about the materials I work with? I wanna know!

Personally, I like seeing the real life and real-person behind a lot of the handmade brands I follow; so perhaps I should be doing the same for my followers? I will still post the polished pictures of finished & available pieces, but I also want to provide more value here for those following along. I just don’t quite know what that looks like yet!

Moving forward, I will continue to use reused/recycled materials in every piece I create to recover/divert from the waste stream during the manufacturing process (or after consumer use; like disassembling old unworn jewelry for “parts”). And of course, I will certainly continue to donate to organizations involved in the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of pets in need with each sale I make. It’s a cause near and dear to my heart. Again, maybe not the most profitable business plan, but I like to call what I do “jewelry that not only looks good, but also DOES good”. And if you have read all of this, I am giving you the highest of fives! Thanks for sticking around and getting through this entire novel-length post! I appreciate your support and interest in this little hobby-turned-business thing I’m working on and trying to improve upon daily 💕

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