Do you have that item in your wardrobe that you put on and just feel like a million bucks? Is it an article of clothing, or an accessory? We at Third & Co. Studio love a good accessory; be it a necklace that somehow looks great with everything, or a killer pair of statement earrings. Even better when you can just throw it on and go. And the more statement earrings to choose from, the better!


Statement earrings from Third & Co. Studio with Fresh Water Pearls, Kyanite, Aquamarine, Baroque Pearls, Opal, Sterling Silver and Vermeil ear wires


We also have a love for house plants, and would also have to say "the more the better" applies to them as well! This Elephant's Ear plant is a particularly lovely option for a low maintenance but highly dramatic look. The Alocasia x Amazonia plant does best in bright but indirect sunlight and prefers high humidity and moist soil but be careful not to over water. This has been a fun round up of statement earrings and statement plants!

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