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Statement Earrings Third & Co. StudioThese earrings started with some scrap pieces of metal. I keep all the miscellaneous odds and ends that are cast-offs in the production process, as an effort to cut down on wastefulness. Sure, it would be easier to work with full pieces of sheet metal or pull lengths from a spool with no hindrance, but I think it forces me to think & make more creatively when I work within the constraints of materials on-hand.

Every piece I make contains at least one component that is either reused scrap, recycled or salvaged materials in an effort to recover/divert from the waste stream during the manufacturing process. We are, if anything, a culture of disposability and creatures of convenience. If we all can make small changes in the way we consume, those small changes can make a much bigger difference.

Thus ends my recycling speech, thanks for making it this far! These funky mobile-like earrings with scrap brass and 14k gold fill ear wires will be headed to the website soon! ✨

Statement Earrings Third & Co. Studio

Statement Earrings Third & Co. Studio

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