Oof. What a punch in the gut this last week has been. Without sounding like a broken record (since this is really all anyone is talking about right now), these are unprecedented and uncertain times. For everyone, in all walks of life. My heart aches for those suddenly without jobs due to facility closures, for the owners/bosses having to make the terrible decision of sending employees home indefinitely, for those that are immunocompromised and those under greatest risk of infection, for those in the healthcare system now having to be on the frontlines of the pandemic... no one is unaffected by this current climate.

All that being said, posting about jewelry may feel a little tone-deaf or even a bit vapid right now. It’s most certainly a commodity, and not a necessary part of anyone’s life. But is what I love and very much an important part of my life, and to maintain a sense of normalcy, I am going to keep creating and sharing the things I make with you all. I am also continuing to add new pieces to my Etsy shop, as well as my standalone online shop. Not with the intent or any pressure to buy, but rather with the hope that today becomes tomorrow, and that we are soon on the other side of all of this.

If you are in a position to help support your local small businesses, now is the time. While I personally do not have a brick and mortar shop that is now closed; the upcoming markets I participate in have been postponed, shops that I sell to are now closed, and lots of people are now left without work or a means of supporting themselves or their families and certainly won’t be making purchases outside of necessities. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared, not just for myself but for many other small businesses as well. We may not know what tomorrow looks like, but with the support of one another, we will get through this. Because we have to.
Be well, friends.
Much love,

Third & Co. Studio styled shoot by APaige Photography with one of a kind OOAK geometric agate and onyx statement necklace

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