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Third & Co. Studio handmade semiprecious stone jewelry, made in Grand Rapids Michigan and available for wholesale via Faire Wholesale


We at Third & Co. Studio pride ourselves in providing small businesses and boutiques with unique, handmade items that showcase the semiprecious stones we are known for. Our small-batch collections are available to both retail and wholesale customers, and each piece made incorporates some kind of recycled/reused/scrap material within each design. This allows us to maintain a more sustainable business practice by eliminating the unnecessary waste of still-useful materials, and thus keeping those materials out of our landfills. Every little bit helps!

Borrowed from our friends at Terreverie Boutique: You don't have to be perfect on your journey of trying to live more sustainably and leave a lower impact - don't let the seemingly endless lifestyle swaps deter you from trying at all. Our current society is designed around single-use items, as well as a way of living and modes of production that create endless waste and toxic byproducts. True, perfect, 100% sustainability is rare if not nonexistent, and it's certainly impossible to eliminate one's ecological footprint entirely. The real change that can make a difference involves huge corporations totally redesigning their practices, but that's a conversation for another day. 

It's too easy to fall into the trap of feeling like there's never enough you could do, but we don't buy in that! Do what you can, where you can, take on new challenges along the way once you get the hang of something. Organize and advocate for environmental policy in your community, volunteers with local environmental groups, and most importantly - always keep learning and progressing. 

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