Truth be told, I hate posting photos of myself. It makes me uncomfortable; I feel far more safe showing my work versus just me/myself. But even that doesn’t feel right lately; a large reason why I haven’t been posting much of anything since the world turned upside down. Jewelry just seems really… trivial… in light of the state of things (pandemic, violence, social upheaval, economic distress, racial injustice, etc). I have grappled with the point of what I’m doing, and why I’m even doing it. Selling jewelry just feels really tone-deaf right now. However, MAKING it brings me so much joy, though I have certainly wrestled with whether it’s even *okay* for me to have moments of joy.


After taking a step back for a bit to reflect and reassess, I’ve come to the conclusion that we all need to “find our joy” to survive, whatever that looks like for each individual. That celebration of joy does not take away from the severity of sorrow and outrage, but rather can motivate action more powerfully than the paralysis of despair. We are all capable of embracing more of a "both/and” life; there can be sorrow and joy, beauty and ugliness, pain and solace all happening simultaneously. Joy does not equal complacency, but rather serves as a reminder that though there is so much uncertainty in life, there is still GOOD. There is still BEAUTY. By allowing myself moments of joy, and sharing that joy with others, that allows me to make changes within my community by generating funds through sales to donate to causes and organizations I am passionate about. So here I am, showing my face and giving myself (and everyone else) permission to find your joy, celebrate that joy, and make changes for good around you with that joy. 🖤

Necklaces featured include the Reuben Necklace (a fundraising necklace with proceeds that benefit animal rescue organizations in memorial of Reuben, our late and beloved dog), and a brass necklace with fresh water coin pearl. Photo by the uber talented and just a flippin’ wonderful person, APaige Photography

Third & Co. Studio geometric brass and fresh water coin pearl necklace with 14K gold fill chain, leopard print and black t-shirt, made in Michigan jewelry

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