Some of the faces of Third & Co. Studio; the majority of employees (just kidding, it's all of them) are four-legged and furry! George was adopted through a local Cat Cafe, where patrons can visit with adoptable cats and kittens in a cafe-setting. Order a coffee and hang out with cats; can there be anything better? George is  aptly named after a certain literary character with orange hair and a penchant for playing pranks and being generally wild (can you guess who that might be?)!

Third & Co. Studio creator and designer with resident cat who is also in charge of all shipments of semiprecious stone necklaces, earrings and bracelets, being a rescue cat he is the perfect little coworker

And if you've been following along for a while, the other familiar face in the studio is Hurley, who actually is deaf (from birth) and goes by Doggo or Doggie (since he really doesn't know his name anyway)! He was adopted from our local shelter, and is the very best boy. Yes, we may be a bit biased! He is always in the studio monitoring productivity and will occasionally lend his good looks to model some of our statement necklaces. He's the best employee because he's happily paid in treats!

The Third & Co. Studio creative team includes some four legged friends! Hurley is a rescue dog and has served many years as a therapy dog, visiting in schools and libraries with children's reading programs. He is retired now and living the studio life!


Happy #nationalpetday from some of the “& Co.” in the studio 😺🐾🐶 they have been (mostly) enjoying all the extra attention lately with the stay-home order... how about your pets; are they sick of you yet?? 😂

PS- head to the Third & Co. Studio Facebook page and share a picture of your little house-mate in the comments section of this post, and I’ll randomly select a winner for a pretty awesome coupon to my Etsy shop! Trust me, it a crazy-good deal 🤩 The winner will be chosen on Monday the 13th; post as many pics for entries as you’d like!



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